During the upcoming intersessional meetings of the Convention to take place on 8-9 June 2017 in Geneva, States Parties that have submitted requests for extension of their mine clearance deadlines under Article 5 will offer informal presentations of their extension requests. The requests for extension are submitted to the Committee on Article 5 Implementation to undergo an analysis process in accordance with the decisions of the Seventh and Twelfth Meetings of the States Parties.

The analysis process is carried out in close collaboration between the Committee and the requesting States Parties and includes the Committee drawing on expert input from expert mine clearance organizations to support the process of analysis. The requests will be considered by the States Parties at the Sixteenth Meeting of the States Parties to take place in Vienna, Austria in December 2017.

The intersessional meetings will take place on 8-9 June 2017, approximately half-way between the Convention's 2014 Third Review Conference and the 2019 Fourth Review Conference and will provide States Parties with an opportunity to take stock of the application of the Maputo Action Plan 2014-2019.

During the intersessional meetings, the Convention's four Committees and the President will present their activities and preliminary observations on the implementation of the Convention in accordance with their mandates. States Parties in the process of implementing key obligations of the Convention will have the opportunity to share progress and challenges in meeting the aims of the Maputo Action Plan.




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