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Iraq acceded to the Convention on 15 August 27, and the Convention entered into force for Iraq on 1 February 2008.

Stockpile Destruction (Article 4)

In its initial transparency report submitted on 31 July 2008, Iraq reported that it had no stockpiled anti-personnel mines under its ownership or possession or under its jurisdiction or control.

Victim Assistance (Article 6.3)

Iraq is one of 3 States Parties that have indicated having significant numbers – hundreds or thousands – of landmine survivors. Iraq is also a State Party to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Mine Clearance (Article 5)

On 31 July 2008, Iraq submitted its initial transparency report which indicated that there are areas under Iraq’s jurisdiction or control in which anti-personnel mines are known or suspected to be emplaced. 

In accordance with Article 5 of the Convention, Iraq undertakes to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in these areas as soon as possible but not later than 1 February 2018.

On 6 April 2017, Iraq submitted a request to extend its mine clearance deadline. The request was granted at Sixteenth Meeting of States Parties, Vienna, Austria and a new deadline set for 1 February 2028.

On 14 May 2018, Iraq acted upon the decisions of the Sixteenth Meeting of the States Parties by submitting an updated plan for non-technical survey in the different areas of the country, including NTS plans for areas liberated from ISIS.

217 Extension Request

Iraq's Extension Request Received 6 April 217 Arabic PDF 8.55MB | English PDF 1.77MB

Annexes to the Extension Request

Annex A PDF 734KB | Annex B PDF 856KBAnnex C PDF 7.27MB | Annex D PDF 3.4MBAnnex E PDF 1.12MB | Annex F PDF 3.23MBAnnex F1.1 PDF 2.29MB |Annex F.2 PDF 2.93MB |Annex F.3 PDF 2.65MBAnnex G PDF 341KB| Annex H PDF 1.9MBAnnex I PDF 8.36KBIraq's Revised Extension Request Received 28 August 217English PDF 6.26MB

Annexes to the Revised Extension Request

Annex APDF 526KB | Annex BPDF 524KBAnnex C PDF .97MB | Annex C 1.1PDF 1.84MBAnnex C 1.2PDF 878KB  | Annex C 1.3PDF 1.38MB   Annex C 1.4 PDF 2.35MB | Annex C 1.5PDF 2.64MBAnnex C 1.6 PDF 1.8MB  | Annex DPDF 3.4MBAnnex E PDF 1.88MB  | Annex FPDF 1.31MBAnnex G PDF 2.4MB | Annex H PDF 548KB Annex I PDF 46KB | Annex J PDF 751KBIraq's Extension Request Executive Summary English PDF   Iraq's Extension Request AnalysisEnglish PDF 268KB | ArabicPDF 354KBIraq's Extension Request DecisionEnglish PDF 69KB