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Committee on Cooperative Compliance


The Committee on Cooperative Compliance considers whether a concern about compliance with the Convention’s prohibitions (Article 1.1) is potentially credible and, if so, considers any follow up that might be appropriate for States Parties to better understand the situation.

When appropriate, the Committee, in close consultation with the States Parties concerned, clarifies the situation. If as a result it assesses that the concern is credible, it makes suggestions on steps that the States Parties concerned could take to ensure that the Convention remains strong and effective.

For cases where the concern is credible, the Committee presents preliminary observations at intersessional meetings and conclusions and recommendations at Meetings of the States Parties or Review Conferences.


The Committee is composed of the President of the Convention (Chair of the Committee) and four States Parties serving overlapping two-year terms. The current members of the Committee on Cooperative Compliance are:


  Norway | 2019

Other members

  Iraq | 2019-2020

  Poland | 2018-2019


 Switzerland | 2019-2020

  Zambia | 2018-2019