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 This year's President is the Netherlands.

  1. Chair the Meeting of the States Parties or Review Conference.
  2. Chair the Intersessional Meetings.
  3. Chair the Committee on Cooperative Compliance.
  4. Chair the Coordinating Committee.
  5. Take the lead, in consultation with the Coordinating Committee, with respect to any issue related to the pursuit of the Convention’s aims other than those related to the mandates of the committees (named here below), including matters related to stockpile destruction under Article 4 and transparency regarding the exceptions contained in Article 3 of the Convention.
  6. Propose, if deemed necessary, one or more members of the Coordinating Committee to provide support on any issue of the President’s mandate, which may require particular attention, including on financial matters.
  7. Promote implementation and universalization of the Convention and its norms, including in relevant multilateral and regional fora, as well as at the national level.
  8. Lead efforts to mobilise sufficient resources to fund the operations of the Implementation Support Unit.
  9. Take the lead on matters related to the United Nations assessed contributions received pursuant to Article 14 of the Convention.
  10. Promote coordination amongst all structures established by the States Parties.
  11. Propose a set of new officeholders for agreement by the forthcoming Meeting of the States Parties. The proposed set of officeholders shall be balanced regionally as well as between States Parties in the process of implementing key obligations of the Convention, those in a position to provide financial or other assistance, and other States Parties.
  12. Present a preliminary report on activities at Intersessional Meetings if need be, as well as use Intersessional Meetings, when relevant, as a forum for addressing specific topics of interest.
  13. Present a final report on activities, as well as conclusions and recommendations if relevant, at Meetings of the States Parties or Review Conferences.
  14. Any other relevant matters.