The ISU implements its core support activities with a three-person team equivalent to a 2.6 full time staff.

Juan Carlos RUAN was appointed Director of the Implementation Support Unit in June 2016, after having served as Acting Director (2015). He reports directly to the Convention’s President and Coordinating Committee, and works closely with the Director of the Geneva International Centre of Humanitarian Demining which hosts the ISU.

Juan Carlos is responsible for the substantive development of formal and informal meetings of the Convention, logistics of the meetings when these are held abroad, and for leading the work of ISU staff during these conferences. In addition, Juan Carlos provides strategic advice, briefings, communications and other services to the States Parties in accordance to the ISU mandate, including liaising and developing liaisons with international and non-governmental organisations.

He is also responsible for developing and implementing the ISU's annual work plan, projects and budgets, and for implementing communication strategies on behalf of the Convention.

Sophie DELFOLIE is the Implementation Support Specialist charged with providing advice and support to the Convention’s President, Committees and ISU Director on all aspects of the Convention and its implementation other than victim assistance; in the Director’s absence, Sophie serves as Acting Director.

Sophie also advises States Parties on matters pertaining to transparency reporting, stockpile destruction and mine clearance obligations, including for the preparation of Article 5 extension requests. She also leads the provision of advisory services to francophone States Parties on the implementation of the Convention.

Gregory CATHCART is the Implementation Support Officer charged with providing advice and technical support to State Parties in matters related to mine clearance; and particularly with accompanying States Parties in preparing requests to extend their mine clearance deadlines.

His previous professional experience includes over a decade of field work in South East Asia.


Firoz ALIZADA joined the ISU in 2018, as part of extra-budgetary support (60%) including through a European Union Council Decision (EUCD) (40%) in favor of implementation of the Convention. Firoz is charged with supporting the EUCD project, and providing advice and technical support to States Parties in matters related to victim assistance.

His previous professional experience includes working for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the UN Mine Action Centre of Afghanistan, and Handicap International in Afghanistan.