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International Meeting of Experts on the Possible Verification of a Comprehensive Treaty Prohibiting Anti-Personnel Mines, Bonn

On 24-25 April 1997, Germany hosted the Bonn Expert Meeting to stimulate discussions regarding a verification scheme.

Germany drafted an “Option Paper for a possible Verification Scheme for a Convention to Ban Anti-Personnel Landmines”, presented to 121 States. “Views remained divided between States who believed that detailed verification was essential to ensure that any agreement was effective, and others that argued that the proposed agreement was essentially humanitarian in character and stressing the overriding importance of a clear norm prohibiting anti-personnel mines.”

After the meeting, Austria circulated on 28 April 1997, the draft text to the core group, which came back with further revisions including in matters of compliance.

A new draft was ready by 14 May 1997, right on time for the Brussels Conference, which had been designated as the official follow up to the 1996 Ottawa Conference.

The Ottawa Process continues

The last of Belarus' PFM 1 landmines were destroyed in April 2017, bringing the State Party in compliance with Article 4 of the Convention.