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Committee on the Enhancement of Cooperation and Assistance


The Committee on the Enhancement of Cooperation and Assistance promotes cooperation and assistance under the Convention, including by organizing or encouraging the organization of multilateral, regional or national dialogues on cooperation and assistance, in Geneva or elsewhere.

The Committee facilitates the fostering of partnerships between States Parties seeking to receive assistance and those in a position to provide such assistance, including through the use of information exchange tools, such as the Platform for Partnerships.

The Committee coordinates with other implementation mechanisms established by the States Parties in order to facilitate and accelerate the full implementation of the Convention.


The Committee is composed of four States Parties serving overlapping two-year terms, including an affected State Party and a State Party that is a provider of support or assistance. Each year, the Committee selects a chair among the members serving the second year of their terms. The current members of the Committee on the Enhancement of Cooperation and Assistance are:


  Sweden | 2018-2019

Other members

  Thailand | 2018-2019

 Turkey | 2019-2020

 United Kingdom | 2019-2020

The Committee draws on the expertise of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and invites other States Parties, the United Nations and other relevant international and non-governmental organisations to participate in its work on an ad hoc basis.