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Committee on Victim Assistance


The Committee on Victim Assistance provides advice to the States Parties in the fulfilment of their commitments related to victim assistance under the Maputo Action Plan and assists these States Parties in making their needs known.

It presents conclusions and recommendations on progress, achievements and challenges at intersessional meetings and Meetings of the States Parties or Review Conferences.

The Committee takes initiatives to facilitate discussions on enhancing victim assistance and to ensure the wellbeing of mine victims.

It raises awareness in relevant fora of the importance of addressing the needs and guaranteeing the rights of mine victims in broader domains such as health care, disability and human rights, development, poverty reduction and employment.


The Committee is composed of four States Parties serving overlapping two-year terms. Each year, the Committee selects a chair among the members serving the second year of their terms. The current members of the Committee on Victim Assistance are:


 Mozambique | 2018-2019

Other members

 Belgium | 2018-2019 

 Chile | 2019-2020

 Italy | 2019-2020


The Committee draws on the expertise of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as observers and invites other States Parties, the United Nations and other relevant international and non-governmental organisations to participate in its work on an ad hoc basis.