Algeria ratified the Convention on 9 October 2001, and the Convention entered into force for Algeria on 1 April 2002. 

Stockpile Destruction (Article 4)

In its initial transparency report submitted on 1 May 2003, Algeria reported stockpiled anti-personnel mines under its ownership or possession or under its jurisdiction or control.

In its transparency report submitted in 2006, Algeria reported that as of 21 November 2005, it had completed the destruction of all stockpiled anti-personnel mines.

In total, Algeria reported having destroyed 150,050 stockpiled mines.

Retained Mines (Article 3)

Notwithstanding the obligation to destroy all stockpiled anti-personnel mines, the Convention permits the retention of the minimum number of anti-personnel mines absolutely necessary for the development of and training in mine detection, mine clearance, or mine destruction techniques.

On 18 September 2017, Algeria destroyed the 5,970 anti-personnel mines it had retained for permitted purposes and no longer holds anti-personnel mines in accordance with Article 3.

Mine Clearance (Article 5) 

In its initial transparency report, Algeria reported areas under its jurisdiction or control in which anti-personnel mines are known or suspected to be emplaced.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Convention, Algeria undertook to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in these areas as soon as possible but not later than 1 April 2012.

On 31 March 2011, Algeria submitted a request to extend its mine clearance deadline. The request was granted at the Eleventh Meeting of the States Parties and the new deadline set for 1 April 2017.

On 10 February 2017, Algeria announced that it had fulfilled its obligation under Article 5 of the Convention.

Article 5 Extension Request, 2011

Algeria's Extension Request Received 31 March 2011 French PDF 4,1MB

Algeria's Revised Extension Request Received 17 August 2011 French PDF 4.1MB

Algeria's Extension Request Executive Summary French PDF 73KB

Algeria's Extension Request Analysis PDF 104KB

Algeria's Extension Request Decision PDF 45KB



Algeria's Declaration of Completion, 2017 French

Algeria's 2017 Article 7 transparency report


Algeria's 2016 Article 7 transparency report 


Colonel Ahcène Gherabi, Director of Algeria's National Demining Programme, announces in Geneva that Algeria has fulfilled its Article 5 obligation.

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H.E. Boudjemâa Delmi, Ambassador of Algeria to the United Nations (Geneva) and President of the 13MSP.

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