25 years of the adoption of the Text of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention & the Ottawa Process

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, the President of the Twentieth Meeting of the States Parties H.E. Alvaro Enrique Ayala Melendez of Colombia, and the Convention's Implementation Support Unit held an anniversary celebration followed by a family photo. The event took place on 19 September, preceding the Informal Meeting for the Twentieth Meeting of the States Parties. Click on the links below to view the various parts of the ceremony. Scroll down for the full video and more photos.

Find the speakers, or the full video further below. Find other photos here https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjA9cLW 

0:00 20MSP President introduction and moment of silence
5:32 ISU Director on ICBL
7:44 ICBL Director on unforeseen challenges
10:23 ICRC 1993 Montreux Symposium & Afghanistan
12:16 Afghan Landmine Survivor Organisation
12:47 Highlights 1993, 1994, Friend or Foe Study
14:31 Former ICRC President Cornelio Sommaruga (archives, 1997)
15:33 ICRC Legall Division Wen Zhou
18:05 Highlights 1995, Belgium and HRH Princess Astrid
19:31 Belgium's Ambassador Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve
24:06 Highlights 1996, Central America
24:38 El Salvador, Jesus Martinez
25:51 Highlights 1996, Canada
26:23 Former Prime Minister of Canada Hon. Lloyd Axworthy
27:23 Highlights 1997 parallel to the Ottawa Process, Austria's role
28:38 Austria's Ambassador Désirée Schweitzer
31:49 Highlights 1997, Asia and the Middle-East
32:41 Doctor Habbouba Aoun, Lebanon
33:11 1997 Highlights, Germany
33:34 Germany's Ambassador & 21MSP President Thomas Goebel
38:12 Nijaz Memic, Paralympien, Bosnia and Herzegovina
45:22 Homage to deminers
47:35 Highlights 1997, Africa
48:15 South Africa, Angus September
52:39 Margaret Arach Orech, Uganda Landmine Survivor Association
53:21 Highlights the Oslo Diplomatic Conference
54:29 Norway's Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith
57:36 Sarani Diatta, Senegal's Solidarity Action for Development
58:00 Highlights, ICBL Peace Nobel
58:34 Tun Channareth, Cambodia Campaign to Ban Landmines
59:32 ISU Director on cooperation and assistance, and Guinea-Bissau
1:00:17 20MSP President closing & tribute to Mary Wareham, Steve Goose
1:01:37 Group photo