Oslo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World

The Fourth Review Conference

The Fourth Review Conference, also known as the Oslo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World will take place 25-29 November 2019 in  Oslo, Norway. It is the formal diplomatic meeting of the 164 States Parties to the Convention. It is the chance for the international community to look back at the progress made since the Third Review Conference, held in 2014, and regroup to address the realities of what remains to be done to achieve the aims of the Convention and to best meet the States Parties' 2025 mine-fee ambition. 

The Fourth Review Conference has the potential of being one of the most important events since the Convention was adopted - precisely in Oslo in 1997, and it takes place as the Convention commemorates 20 years since its entry into force. 

The Fourth Review Conference First Preparatory Meeting

On 24 May 2019, delegations will convene for their first preparatory meeting in advance of the Convention's 25-29 November 2019 Oslo Review Conference. The First Preparatory Meeting will take in Geneva, at the World Meteorological Building (WMO). 



The States Parties unanimously elected H.E. Hans Brattskar Ambassador of Norway to the UN in Geneva as President of the Fourth Review Conference; as such, the Ambassador leads the work of the States Parties throughout 2019.

Norway's Presidency began as the Seventeenth Meeting of the States Parties concluded on 30 November 2018, and ends at the conclusion of the Conference in Oslo.

In his capacity as President, Ambassador Brattskar presented some of Norway's key priorities for the presidency and initial ideas for the Fourth Review Conference.

The Convention’s President is also Chair of the Convention's Coordinating Committee; and leads a number of efforts including universalization and stockpile destruction.