Since the decision was made in September 2001 to establish the Implementation Support Unit (ISU), the ISU has been funded on a voluntary basis by the States Parties to the Convention.

In 2010, on the basis of a decision taken by the Convention’s 2009 Second Review Conference, the States Parties established an open-ended Task Force to commission and make recommendations based on an evaluation of the ISU, including an evaluation of the financing of the ISU. The Task Force’s final report and recommendations, which were endorsed by the 2010 Tenth Meeting of the States Parties (10MSP), recorded that there was “general agreement among Task Force members of the need to review the financial model for the ISU, and on the need to establish a model that is sustainable and predictable” and that “it (seemed) that it is possible, in time for the 11MSP, to gather broad support for moving to a new financial model for the ISU.

On the basis of decisions taken at the 10MSP, the 10MSP President established an open-ended working group to examine new models for the financing of the ISU and to present recommendations to the 2011 11MSP. In the final report of the open-ended working group, it was recorded that “despite the extensive consultations and serious engagement of the most of the States Parties to this process, the President of the 10MSP (was) unable to formulate a proposal for decision on a new financing scheme for the ISU.” The report also recorded that, “nevertheless, the effort produced considerable progress.” This progress included the identification of a funding model “that enjoys the support of the majority of the States Parties and would be more predictable, more sustainable and more equitably burden sharing,” with this being “a new hybrid financing scheme of assessed, voluntary and in-kind contributions.”

As the 10MSP President was unable to formulate a proposal in 2011 for decision on a new financing scheme for the ISU, the voluntary scheme remains in place, albeit with the 11MSP agreed to encourage action on the recommendations made by the 10MSP President “to preserve the results of the work undertaken by the working group in 2011, to work to improve the present funding model, and to ensure sufficient contributions are provided to the ISU as long as the financing model remains unchanged.”

At the Fourteenth Meeting of the States Parties (14MSP) the States Parties adopted a decision on strengthening financial governance and transparency within the ISU. Among the measures included in this decision was the adoption of an ISU Four Year Work Plan 2016-2019, the establishment of a financial security buffer as well as other measures to increase predictability of contributions to the ISU as well as management of expenditures related to core support and of the financial security buffer. The 14MSP adopted the ISU 2016 Work Plan and Budget.

ISU Finances– Key Documents

  • ISU Four Year Work Plan 2016-2019 PDF  678KB
  • ISU 2017 Work Plan and Budget PDF 132KB
  • Decision on Strengthening financial governance and transparency within the ISU PDF 111KB
  • Information on where to direct contributions to the ISU PDF 232KB
  • List of contributors to the ISU’s core activities, 2001-2016 PDF 277KB