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Germany's contribution to the sponsorship programme


Geneva - For over a decade, a delegate sponsorship programme has been fundamental to ensuring that expert representatives of mine-affected developing countries can actively participate in the work of the Convention.

Such participation has proven essential to ensuring that States Parties in the process of fulfilling obligations can report on their progress and express their needs for assistance.

On 27 February, Ambassador Helmut Hoffmann of Germany signed an agreement with the ISU Director to contribute to the Convention's Sponsorship Programme. 

Germany has played a vital role in supporting the sponsorship programme, having signed an agreement with the Director of the Convention's Implementation Support Unit (ISU) to contribute €30,000 in 2013, to the programme.

This is in addition to the €70,000 that Germany has contributed to the ISU for its 2013 work plan.

For more information on the Convention, contact: Laila Rodriguez +41 (0) 22 906 1656, press(at)apminebanconvention.org. Find the Convention on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.