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Publications: Just released – Bridges between Worlds: Chairperson’s Summary


Download the brochure | PDF 2.5MB

Bridges between Worlds was a global conference sponsored by the European Union that addressed fundamental questions about the place of landmine victim assistance in other domains, such as the worlds of disability, heath care, education, employment, development, poverty reduction and human rights.

The Bridges between Worlds Chairperson’s Summary highlights that those who care deeply about the fulfilment of the Convention’s promise to landmine victims and survivors have much in common with those concerned with the wellbeing and the rights of women, girls, boys and men injured and living with disabilities regardless of the cause.

The publication was prepared by the Convention’s Implementation Support Unit thanks to support provided by the European Union.

The Implementation Support Unit is the secretariat to the Convention.

It is mandated to support the Convention’s implementation machinery and office holders, provide advice and technical support to individual States Parties and communicate and provide information about the Convention.

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