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Committee on Cooperation and Assistance begins its work to improve cooperation among States Parties


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Geneva - The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention’s new Committee on the Enhancement of Cooperation and Assistance has begun its work with an emphasis on being “operational” and with a view to significantly improving cooperation between those seeking assistance and those in a position to provide it.

The Committee’s members – Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Switzerland – outlined their plans at a meeting on 1 December in Geneva with members of the Convention’s Committee on Victim Assistance and the Committee on Article 5 Implementation (Mine Clearance).

“This meeting is an important part of our effort to carry out our mandate, which in part states that this Committee will coordinate with other implementation mechanisms established by the States Parties, in order to facilitate and accelerate the full implementation of the Convention,” said Lynda Wardhani of Indonesia, which chairs the Committee.

Members of the Committee on the Enhancement of Cooperation and Assistance noted that the efforts of other Committees to promote the full exchange of information in accordance with the Maputo Action Plan could highlight significant opportunities to enhance cooperation.

“Information provided by States Parties on time-bound and measurable victim assistance objectives could highlight that many need assistance in meeting their objectives,” said Kerry Brinkert, Director of the Convention’s Implementation Support Unit (ISU).

“In addition, increased clarity provided by States Parties on their mine clearance obligations could provide a solid foundation for States Parties to enter into partnerships for completion.”

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