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Publications: Just released in Spanish – Bridges between Worlds: Chairperson’s Summary


On 3 December 1997, representatives of over 100 states signed the Convention in Ottawa, thereby expressing their determination to put an end to the suffering and casualties caused by anti-personnel mines.
Witnessing this event are (L-R): Ralph Lysyshyn (Canada); the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate, Jody Williams; the then-President of the ICRC, Cornelio Sommaruga; the then-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; and, the then-Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien.

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The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention’s Implementation Support Unit (ISU) is marking the 17th anniversary of the signing of the Convention by releasing the Spanish-language version of a publication addressing fundamental questions about the place of landmine victim assistance in human rights, health care and other domains.

“This significant anniversary for the Convention coincides with International Day of Persons with Disabilities,” noted Kerry Brinkert, Director of the Implementation Support Unit.

“It is therefore fitting to release a newly translated edition of the Bridges between Worlds Chairperson’s Summary on the day when the international community mobilises support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities, including landmine survivors.”

Puentes entre Mundos, Resumen del Presidente PDF 2.5MB | Bridges between Worlds, Chairperson's Summary PDF 2.5MB 

Bridges between Worlds was a global conference that aimed to advance the international community’s understanding of the place of assistance to victims of landmines and other explosive remnants of war, in broader contexts. The conference took place in Medellin, Colombia on 3-4 April 2014 and was partly sponsored by the European Union.

The Spanish-language version of the Bridges between Worlds Chairperson’s Summary, as well as the original English-language version, were also made possible with support from the European Union.

Bridges between Worlds highlighted the fact that those who care deeply about the fulfilment of the Convention’s promise to landmine victims and survivors have much in common with those concerned with the wellbeing and the rights of women, girls, boys and men injured and living with disabilities regardless of the cause.

As noted in the Chairperson’s Summary, “clearly more and better can be done for all affected individuals and their family members by all actors who share such an agenda working together.”

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