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Committee on Mine Clearance briefed States Parties on Maputo Action Plan commitments


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On Friday 12 December, the Convention's Committee on Article 5 Implementation, briefed representatives of States Parties on Maputo Action Plan’s mine clearance commitments and on the approach the Committee is taking to fulfil its mandate in 2015.

The briefing was supported by the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) and featured the participation of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

It was held pursuant to the Committee’s purpose “to intensify efforts, particularly those outlined in the Maputo Action Plan, to ensure that Article 5 is fully implemented as soon as possible, while acknowledging local, national and regional circumstances in its practical implementation.”

“The Maputo Action Plan contains commitments intended to make advances with respect to clarity, measurability, and efficiency,” said Wojciech Flera of Poland, which is chairing the Committee.

“These include the commitment of each State Party with ongoing mine clearance obligations to undertake all reasonable efforts to quantify and qualify its remaining implementation challenge as soon as possible, and report this information by 30 April 2015.”

“We will seek to meet with as many as possible, if not all, States Parties that are in the process of implementing Article 5 over the next three months to offer our support to each in its fulfilment of Maputo Action Plan commitments and in order to learn more about the particular challenges some may face,” added Wojciech Flera.

The briefing also featured the Convention’s Implementation Support Unit offering its advice to States Parties on the fulfilment of their various commitments and obligations to provide information on efforts to clear mined areas.

“The ISU is mandated in part to provide advice and technical support to States Parties on the implementation of the Convention,” said ISU Director, Kerry Brinkert.

“The Maputo Review Conference decisions emphasize individual States Parties providing more and better information and all States Parties making better use of this information. The ISU stands ready to assist States Parties with this effort.”

The Maputo Action Plan’s mine clearance commitments are relevant for the 31 States Parties “with ongoing mine clearance obligations.”

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