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Mine clearance extension request support visit to Iraq and Sudan


As part of its mandate, members of the ISU recently carried out a support visit to Sudan and Iraq, as these countries advance through their Article 5 extension request processes.

Through their requests, Iraq and Sudan are putting forward respective plans to meet their mine clearance obligations within new deadlines.

Group of stakeholders in Iraq meet at iMMAP to discuss the extension request submitted to the States Parties for consideration at the 16MSP.

The extension request process is a cooperative engagement that includes national stakeholders, as well as the Convention’s Committee on Article 5 Implementation.

Stakeholders meet at the Sudan mine action centre to discuss Sudan's extension request.

Decisions on Sudan’s and Iraq’s requests -- and those of Angola, Ecuador, Thailand and Zimbabwe which have also requested extended deadlines --- will be taken during the upcoming Sixteenth Meeting of the States Parties.

The 16MSP will take place 18-21 December at the United Nations in Vienna and will commemorate 20 years since the signing of the Convention.

For more information, please contact the Convention's Implementation Support Unit: ISU(at)apminebanconvention.org.