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VA Chair addresses CCW Protocol V on strengthening international cooperation and assistance


Download the full statement made by the VA Committee Chair, Italy here
Find the video of the panel discussion here

Geneva - On 28 September, the Chair of the Committee on Victim Assistance, Italy, participated on a panel which opened the thematic discussions on victim assistance of the Meeting of Experts of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapon’s Protocol V.

Deputy-Permanent Representative of Italy to the Conference on Disarmament Tancredi Francese, stressed the need for an integrated approach to sustain assistance to mine and other explosive remnants of war survivors and the need to strengthen international cooperation and assistance.

“If we can agree that people are at the centre of our efforts, it will be easier to understand why Victim Assistance is so important for the implementation of Protocol V. Trying to see that nexus, and these synergies – both at national and international level – can lead to more and better results. There should be a clear understanding that the call to assist landmine and other ERW victims should not lead to VA efforts being undertaken in such manner as to exclude any person injured or disabled by other causes.”

The Committee Chair stated that States Parties to the Convention have long embraced an integrated approach to sustain assistance to anti-personnel mines survivors, affected families and communities.

“Assisting victims, their families, and communities is an essential component of the path towards a better future; therefore, it should be conceived with a holistic perspective and in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We should always bear in mind that protection of victims’ rights and security is part and parcel of the broader promotion of the rights of all vulnerable groups, in particular persons with disabilities.”


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