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The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction, also known as the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, Ottawa Convention or informally as the Mine Ban Treaty, is the cornerstone of the international effort to end the suffering and casualties caused by landmines.

The Convention's Implementation Support Unit (ISU) is the Secretariat of the Presidency and the States Parties and has been mandated to communicate on their behalf; the ISU serves as the authoritative information source on the Convention and makes available, or is in a position to provide upon request, information on the status and implementation of the Convention which may be required by States Parties, the media, academics and students, and others.

Please contact the Convention's Implementation Support Unit for support with interviews, formal documents, information on side events, and press releases.


Media Accreditation Requirements


The Meetings of the States Parties and the Convention's intersessional work programme are public and open to the media.

The Meetings of the States Parties are usually held at the end of the year, and take place at the Palais des Nations, at the United Nations Office at Geneva, or abroad, many a times, in a mine-affected country. Prior to the formal Meeting, a pledging conference, a prep meeting and/or intersessional meetings are held in advance in Geneva. These meetings can take place at the Palais de Nations at the UN, or at the WMO in Geneva.

  • Press interested in attending a formal meeting -- as this takes place at the UN in Geneva -- will have to obtain accreditation through the UN Press Services in Geneva. The ISU can assist interested media with the procedure.
  • Press interested in attending a Meeting of the States Parties as this takes place outside Geneva, should contact the ISU for more information and procedure.
  • Press interested in attending the intersessional meetings or other Convention-related meetings are asked to contact the Implementation Support Unit for more information and procedure.
  • Contact the Convention's Implementation Support Unit: press@apminebanconvention.org, or connect with the Convention through Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.