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10th Anniversary Events

12 February 2007 | Vienna

10th Anniversary of the Vienna Meeting
on the Convention for the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines

A Decade of Efforts to Assist Landmine Survivors
Programme / Statements

1 March 2007 | Geneva

8th Anniversary of the Convention’s entry into force
Commemorated on February 27 in the Conference on Disarmament

12-14 March 2007 | Phnom Penh

Regional Conference
Mine Action and Implications for Peace and Development
Programme / Statements

26-27 March 2007 | Almaty

Regional Workshop
Mine Action as a Confidence Building Measure
Programme / Statements

23-27 April 2007 | Geneva

Intersessional Work Programme
Meetings of the Standing Committees

3-4 May 2007 | Port Vila

Regional Workshop
Towards a Mine Free Pacific
Programme / Statements

9 May 2007 | Brussels

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention
New Perspectives for a World Without Mines
Programme / Statements

16-17 August 2007 | Santiago

The Implementation of Article 5 in Latin America

18 September 2007 | Oslo

10th Anniversary of the adoption of the Convention
on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines
Clearing the Path for a Better Future
Programme / Administrative Information

18-22 November 2007 | Dead Sea

Eighth Meeting of the States Parties to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

30 November - 3 December 2007 | Ottawa

10th Anniversary of the Convention’s signing Conference