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The Implementation of Article 5 in Latin America | 16-17 August 2007 | Santiago

The Santiago Seminar on the Implementation of Article 5 in Latin America was held on 16-17 August 2007. This seminar was convened by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, with the support of Norway and the Convention’s Implementation Support Unit (ISU).

The purpose was to share experiences in implementing Article 5 to identify efficient and effective ways to fulfill Convention obligations, and to raise awareness amongst officials of the obligations and processes under the Convention.

The seminar, which featured the participation of all States Parties in Latin America which are in the process of implementing Article 5, covered the following topics:

  • Effective national implementation structures and good practices in national planning
  • Methods for rapidly releasing and / or cancelling suspected areas and for assuring quality
  • Partnerships for implementation
  • Preparing a request for an extension on the fulfilment of Article 5 obligations.

  • The Santiago Seminar Brochure PDF 2MB