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Third Pledging Conference for the Implementation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention





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At the Fourteenth Meeting of the States Parties the decision was adopted to hold, on an annual basis, a conference of States Parties to collect pledges and contributions with the aim of obtaining an overview of the funds that can be expected for the Convention’s Implementation Support Unit (ISU) in line with the ISU’s four year work plan 2016-2019. The decision also indicated that the conference should be chaired by the President. The Conference was chaired by H.E. Suraya Dalil, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Switzerland and the UN in Geneva. Chief Executive of Afghanistan H.E. Abdullah Abdullah inaugurated the Conference,

On 27 February 2018, Afghanistan as President of the Seventeenth Meeting of the States Parties, held the Third International Pledging Conference for the Implementation of the Convention. 

The Pledging Conference sought to commit resources to the ISU 2018 work plan, the Convention's Sponsorship Programme, and towards costs of the Meetings of the States Parties.

A total of 41 delegations attended the Conference including 33 States Parties, 1 State not party, and 7 international and non-governmental organisations.

Third Pledging Conference report

Keynote address

Implementation Support Unit Work Plan and Budget 2018

Sponsorship Programme

UN support to the Seventeenth Meeting of the States Parties

Pledges and statements