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Brochure: The Oslo Action Plan and other Review Conference Outcome Documents

Convention Text |The Oslo Action Plan | The Oslo Declaration | Purpose, Mandate and Working Methods of the Convention machinery

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20 year anniversary of the negotiation, adoption and signing of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Two decades of partnership between governments, international organisations and civil society to “end the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines

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The Maputo Review Conference Outcome Documents

The Maputo Action Plan and Maputo +15 Declaration 
The Maputo Action Plan provides a framework for action for the States Parties in the 2014-2019 period | English PDF 2.3MB 

The Cartagena Summit Outcome Documents

The Cartagena Action Plan and Cartagena Declaration

 July 2010 | English PDF 3.4MB 
September 2010
| French PDF 2.3MB

The Nairobi Summit Outcome Documents

 The 2004 Nairobi Action Plan and Nairobi Declaration 

 June 2005 | English PDF 1MB