Director Kerry Brinkert with Japanese Ambassador Toshio Sano

Japan’s Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, Toshio Sano, has announced that Japan will make a significant contribution to Convention’s Implementation Support Unit (ISU). In informing the ISU’s Director of Japan’s CHF 87,461 contribution, Ambassador Sano expressed Japan’s appreciation for the work of the ISU and commended it for its efficiency.

In addition to Japan, 18 other States Parties have either supported the ISU’s 2015 work plan or have provided written confirmation that funds are forthcoming: Algeria, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Jordan, Mexico, Mozambique,  Serbia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The ISU still requires approximately CHF 200,000 in 2015 to fund operations at current reduced levels and approximately CHF 300,000 to return to previous levels of support that had been provided by the ISU. The ISU has been in contact with approximately 100 other States Parties in order to acquire the information necessary on expected contributions that would enable the ISU to have predictability regarding its finances.







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