20th Anniversary

The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention turns 20!
2017 also marks 20 years since a series of significant events known as the Ottawa Process, led to the adoption and signing of the Convention.

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On the Convention anniversary, Algeria destroyed the last of its anti-personnel mines retained for permitted purposes under the Convention. In the photo above, the Director of the Algerian National Demining Center, and representatives of civil society and the ISU.

Congratulations Algeria!

Starting this month, we take a moment to remember some key actions that 20 years ago led to the adoption and signature of the Convention. We will also take the time to remember some faces of the landmine movement.

Read our updates and check out our 20th Anniversary pages. Photo, courtesy the HALO Trust.

The then-Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Lloyd Axworthy, center, and of Norway Bjorn Tore Godal, right, hold the document produced at the Oslo Conference calling for a total ban on anti-personnel mines in 1997. The then-U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, left, applauds. (AP Photo/Adam Nadel).

States Parties and civil society partners gathered in Geneva for the intersessional meetings, commemorated 20 years of working together to achieve a mine-free world at the symbolic "Broken Chair". Click on picture to enlarge.





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