Regional Conference on Improvised AP Mines

Progress in the implementation of the mine clearance commitments under the Convention has been steady with 30 States Parties having declared completion. Nevertheless, use of improvised anti-personnel mines by armed non-state actors is a worrying trend taking place in States Parties that previously did not have an obligation under Article 5 or that had declared completion of such obligation and are now affected by new contamination. Given the impact of this weapon in the peace, security, and development of States Parties in Western Africa and Sahel region, it is critcal to maintain dialogue to exchange information and best practices to address this growing threat.

The Regional Conference on Addressing the Humanitarian Impact of Improvised Anti-Personnel Mines within the Framework of the Convention, hosted from 13-15 February 2024 by Ghana's National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons with support provided through a project sponsored by the European Union, offered such opportunities for the more than 40 countries and international and non-governmental organisations that participated.

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